My fiancee and I rank this on our top favorite restaurants EVER! I lived in NYC and missed the great Greek Cuisine and Seafood I could get there, so by searching for a Greek place in St. Louis we found Ari’s: Greek Restaurant in Saint Louis and it had great reviews. This place lives up to the reviews. The Calamari is simply AMAZING, I’ve been to 5 star restaurants and never had such good Calamari, that isn’t chewy at all, and the homemade marinara – Well, let’s just say you should get extra, because you’ll love it!
My fiancee had never tried Calamari(fried squid), so I just ordered it without his knowing and made him try it, after the entire plate was gone in 5minutes, I told him what it was, and he couldn’t believe how it didn’t have a fishy or seafood taste to it at all. We both love it! We’ve tried a lot on their menu and it’s all great, but here are our faves and MUST tries:


Gyro Plate
Gyro Salad
Chicken Souvlaki (My fave-Amazing)
Spaghetti & Meatballs(If you love that marinara!)

The servers are SO nice here and we have a conversation in the bar area with the owner almost everytime we go in. It’s like walking into your family’s restaurant in Greece.

Did I mention how awesome the prices are? Two dinners and an appetizer for under $30 !
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– Heftisu

This is really a great restaurant. My wife and I tried it midweek when we found it featured in our Entertainment coupon book. We were so impressed and delighted to have found such a nice, and delicious restaurant. The service was excellent. The atmosphere is relaxed and light and the menu had so many choices I had trouble making a selection.

When I did make a selection I was so impressed. It was delicious. I can still remember how good it was. Drinks were kept full, and all fresh ingredients were used. Prices were perfect for low median range dining, but the whole experience felt like fine dining.

I feel like I found a restaurant I can count on for any occasion. I know my wife and I will be back because my wife spent some time in this area with her family. I will definitely bring my family here, if the opportunity arises.
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– Dragon T.

I can not sing the praises enough of the breakfast buffet at Ari’s. It is simple, filling and worth the $.
The made to order omelets are huge and stuffed with the items of your choice.
Make it a true week-end brunch and enjoy a Bloody Mary.
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– King Buddy

We Love this restaurant. We have been there on very special occassions and have recommended this place to several people throughout the years. This is our favorite Greek Restaurant. The onwers and staff are always very friendly and eager to please. We have a 40 mnute drive to get here. We do go here as much as we can.
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– Sharie

Everything about this place earned 5 stars. The fact they have landscaping that seems to be impervious to the heat we have been having, to the service, to the food selection and the quality of everything ordered.

Ari’s: Greek Restaurant in St. Louis is located right on the corner of Hampton and Arsenal, making it hard to miss. You walk up to the front of this Greek place in St. Louis with very lush flowers and greenery, very impressive. In this warmingly Greek Restaurant we were immediately greeted and seated as we walked in the front entrance. The service had excellent timing throughout our stay from revisting the table for ordering, to removing dishes, to delivery of what was ordered, hummus – excellent, Souvlak – like a chicken gyro, the combo plate – dolmathes, lasagna, and something I can’t remember and came with some choices of which I picked a salad, very fresh and balanced with a topping of parmesan cheese and baklava (was a huge piece and very good) and Galaktobureko (custard topped with phyllo dough).

This is a very casual place and had customers of all types as we got there at 6pm, and pretty busy for a Wednesday I’d say it went as well as any well oiled machine can be and I counted at least 4 people who worked our table, but did not come across as too much at all. Very good team work. I’ll go again, maybe to try the weekend breakfast buffet.
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– Stewart P.

This is a GREAT place, and let me tell you why:
(warning, long story)
My brother got me and my wife a gift certificate to Ari’s, because he loves the place. My wife and I go in, never having been there before, and the waitress was terrible, the food was mediocre, and the atmosphere was awful. I subsequently reported this to my brother. He then, on his next trip in, off-handedly told the waiter what happened when I came in. The waiter returned to his table with a new gift card on the house to give to me and asked my brother to have me reconsider!
So, several months later, my wife and I decide to give it another go, and boy are we glad we did. I think the problem with the first night was the waitress, and she tainted our visit from the start (*This particular waitress was fired, btw*)
The food there is great, with interesting and dazzling specials every night. Try the gyros, the rissoto, the salad, the lamb… you really can’t go wrong with anything.
Oh… and the Sangria is AMAZING!
My wife and I now love Ari’s, and go as often as we can.
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– Nick M.

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  1. Christina Z.

    Word of mouth, is how I finally chose to try Ari’s out. I’ve driven by the building a million times, but today I decided to try them out.
    I called in a order for take out. They said it would be ready in 10 minutes…..and it was ready in 10 minutes, on the dot. The moment I walked in to pick it up, it was being brought out to me.
    The staff that greeted me was SUPER friendly.
    I ordered the Ari’s Famous Greek Salad and a side of hummus with extra pitas. I got my order home and was pleasantly suprised to see how HUGE the salad was! I was completely stuffed just from the salad that I am going to save my hummus for lunch, tomorrow. The ingredients were fresh, crisp and the lamb that topped the salad was delicious. I did take a taste of the hummus before packing it up, and the flavor was wonderful!

    I live in the neighborhood that’s just a little south and east of the restaurant….so I’m located very close and plan to make many, many more visits to Ari’s Next time, I will eat in the restaurant….and hopefully it’s a beautiful day so I can enjoy their outdoor seating!

    Thank you, Ari’s! Your food is fantastic and I’ll definitely be back and will pass your good name around!

    Christina Z.


  2. Recent customer

    Went for brunch buffet.Staff were friendly and their service was great! Food was decent for the reasonable price.One suggestion though:Waffle mix and a waffle maker.Overall very nice establishment.


  3. alka

    Ari’s is a family owned restaurant and the best in Saint Louis city area. My husband and I, go there all the time and we have only wonderful things to say about it. The outside area is very well maintained with beautiful landscaping. Food is fresh and delicious. My favorite is gyro. I saved the best for last. “The Atmosphere” Everyone is so nice and friendly. Zana is a very sweet waitress that welcomes us with a big smile each time we go. All in all the best family restaurant in Saint Louis! Try it and you will like it!


  4. Fisher828

    The absolute best Greek food in St. Louis. Tim the owner is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and he really wants his customers to be happy and enjoy their experience in his restaurant. His wife makes the best Tiramisu I have ever eaten. Richard, our favorite waiter is over the top. Don’t forget to check out the specials. They are alway delicious!


  5. Carol Duke

    My husband and I recently had to spend over two weeks at SLU hospital with my son who was very critical when he first got there. When the doctors gave us the good news we got very hungry we found this restaurant by accident and we are very glad we did. The food was excellent and we went back two more times and I will be returning with my daughter and granddaughter for a dance competition and I am going to make sure that we eat at Aris. We have found a place that we will return again and again and we live 2 hours away.


  6. Anastasia Pappademos

    The food and service here is amazing! I tried it on Hampton originally and absolutely LOVED it. The Dolmades are so lemony and delicious! I live 2 minutes down the road from the one in South County and so my boyfriend and I went there a month or so ago. It was once again fabulous. The owner is super attentive and walked around asking how the food was. He also helped bring food out to the tables. The server was very attentive and nice as well. My dad was full blooded Greek, so I know authentic Greek food when I encounter it, this is it! Just an overall great place to eat!


  7. Tim Hughes

    I visit Ari’s multiple times a month and am always impressed with the quality of the food and service. I am addicted to the greek salad. Would definitely suggest making this a favorite place to end your hunger!


  8. Jim Pennington

    One my favorite places to eat in St. Louis! Exceptional food, staff, and restaurant! I would recommend to everyone! The gyro is the best sandwich in St. Louis!

    Great place!


  9. John

    The food and service were great! So were the prices


  10. Nia

    Definitely 5 stars! The food is incredibly good and the staff couldn’t possibly be nicer. We went for brunch and we can hardly wait to return.


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